IRIS KOTO Industrialised Building System (IBS)

IRIS KOTO System is more than an IBS, it is also a smart, green, high speed, energy-efficient, sustainable, fully integrated building system for commercial, high rise, upmarket and affordable housing projects.

IRIS KOTO components are lightweight and made from fire-retardant, rigid cellular insulation and fibre-reinforced mineral composite.

This building system requires minimal tools, unskilled labour, uses far less concrete and steel, no connections or fixing and no timber form work.

The benefits are huge – the cost savings are huge, projects can be completed faster with improved cash flow, resulting in happier house owners. This intelligent building system will reduce transport costs, carbon footprints, reduce interest payments and loan portfolio.

What is the IRIS KOTO System

• An Industrialised Building System (IBS)

• Fully integrated with components for all parts of the building – foundation, walls, ceilings, roofing, columns, and beams

• Full flexibility to accommodate 3rd party components (mix & match e.g. KOTO walling combined with steel trussed roofing)

• IRIS KOTO components are made of fire-retardant, rigid cellular insulation and fibre-reinforced mineral composite coating

• Environment-friendly, energy-efficient, labour-saving and affordable building system

• Suitable for affordable and up-market housing, commercial buildings, high rises, schools, swiflets house


IRIS KOTO IBS Key Benefits:

• Fully Integrated Building System

• Energy Efficient

• Light Weight

• Fire Retardant

• Easy, High Speed Construction

• Minimal Dependency on Skilled / Foreign Workers

• Mix & Match with Existing Materials
(Renovations, Upgrading, Refurbishment)

Sustainable Applications
• Afforable Homes & Humanitarian Projects
• Low Cost Housing
• Mass / Military Housing
• Link Homes

Up-Market Projects
• Exotic / Designer / Luxury Homes
• Floating Homes
• Luxury Housing

Commercial Projects
• Retail / Shop Lots
• High-Rise Buildings
• Commercial Developments
• Eco Resorts

Specialised Projects
• Shear Walls & Hillside Projects
• Cold Rooms or Heat Sink Enclosures
• KOTO ME Food Towers
• Remote Flat Pack Housing
• Survival / Emergency / Underground / Security Shelters