Press Release - 9 January 2013

IRIS Opens Waste Incineration Power Plant in Phuket

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 January 2013: World renowned smart technology solutions provider IRIS Corporation Berhad has announced that its Thai subsidiary PJT Technology Co., Ltd (PJT) has today successfully opened a Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incineration Power Plant (IPP) in Phuket, Thailand. In attendance were Mr. Preecha Rengsomboonsuk, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Mr. Maitri Intusu, Phuket Governor and Dato’ Tan Say Jim, Managing Director of IRIS Corporation.

In 2010, the Phuket Municipality awarded PJT with the contract to invest, design, construct and manage a MSW IPP on the island for 15 years on a BOT concession with option to extend the tenure another 15 years. Upon completion of the management period, the plant will be handed over to the Phuket Municipality.

Construction of the 14,400 Sq. m (9 Rai) plant, located in Wichit Sub-District, commenced mid 2010. It was commissioned in November 2012 and has created 100 new jobs in the Muang District.

The MSW IPP is equipped with 2 lines of incinerator-boiler units and condensing turbine generators to treat up to 350 tonnes of municipal solid waste per line per day. The plant is capable of processing up to 30 tonnes per hour offering a gross power generation of 14 megawatts (MW) of green energy, an effort that will contribute significantly to reinforce Phuket’s reputation as one of the most pristine destination islands in the world.

The plant complements Phuket’s existing waste disposal system which channels daily municipal waste from 19 provincial units. Waste incineration and power generation is carried out at the plant 24 hours a day throughout the year. Electricity generated will be sold to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) under their VSPP (Very Small Power Producer) programme. Projected gross revenue based on the present load is between RM55Million to RM60Million (BHT550 Million to BHT600 Million) per annum.

PJT currently owns and operates a 60 tonnes per day Industrial Waste-to-Energy power plant in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Bangkok, Thailand.

“We are honoured to be able to lend a helping hand to Phuket by providing a cleaner and greener solution to its waste disposal issues and we look forward to the island and its people being powered by Renewable Energy,” said Managing Director of IRIS Corporation Berhad Dato’ Tan Say Jim. 


Brief Description of the Project:

  • Located at the waste disposal centre of Phuket on an area of 9 Rai (14,400 Sq. m), the plant comprises 2 lines of incinerators, each with the incineration capacity of 350 tonnes per day. The plant is be able to incinerate 700 tonnes per day of municipal solid waste (MSW) and have gross electricity generation capacity of 14MW.
  • The plant is built on proven Waste-To-Energy technologies, with a design that ensures continuous operation (high availability), low operating and maintenance cost, long operational life and optimum energy output (high efficiency). More importantly, the emission treatment system of the plant ensures emissions that are fully compliant with Thai environmental standards – which are also on par with international norms.


  • Electricity generated will be sold to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) under their VSPP (Very Small Power Producer) programme. Besides that, tipping fee is charged for the amount of MSW incinerated. Additional income for the project is derived from the trading of Certified Emission Reductions (CER) under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Programme.
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