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Post Covid, Identity Verification is not going to be the same again

At IRIS, we too are transitioning to new normals in all that we do, in light of the covid-19 pandemic. And, we have been working on new solutions to help ease everyday activities while prioritising safety and security.

Introducing geoTIME, a suite of biometric solutions powered by anti-spoof facial recognition for identifying people while digitalising, automating and managing attendance, movement and access.
If you are looking for an easy-to-use solution for managing employee time and attendance, look no further than geoTIME Attendance, our touch-free, cloud-based mobile app.
geoTIME Attendance
Flexible . Mobile-optimised . Secure
Efficiently and securely maintain accurate time & attendance records across multiple devices using anti-spoof facial recognition capability and geofencing technology.

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If you are looking for a highly effective and accurate access control solution for managing physical entry and exit into offices, buildings and secure premises, ask us about geoTIME Access.
geoTIME Access
Efficient . Flexible . Safe
geoTIME Access solution allows for hands-free (touch-free) and contactless access into prespecified locations using powerful, reliable and accurate anti-spoof facial recognition technology.
Finally, should you have a need for tracking individuals undergoing government-imposed self-quarantine, ask us about geoTIME Quarantine, another touch-free mobile app.
geoTIME Quarantine
Effective . Reliable . Secure
geoTIME Quarantine solution reliably and securely manages accurate movement records of Persons Under Quarantine across multiple devices using anti-spoof facial recognition and geofencing technology.

IRIS is with You

During this unprecedented time of new challenges and uncertainty, IRIS stands ready to work with you in the protection, safety and wellbeing of customers, business partners, employees, students and visitors.
Feel free to connect with us for candid discussions on how our products and solutions can help implement or enhance safety and security measures to protect everyone and their identities.