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IRIS geoTIME is a cloud-based attendance management solution that operates across multiple platforms, provide the best online attendance solution.

geoTIME Attendance

geoTIME Attendance



geoTIME Attendance is a user-friendly, mobile Attendance Management System designed to benefit HR departments and their employees by allowing employee Clock-In and Clock-Out from any location with an internet connection.

For added convenience with added security layers, geoTIME Attendance applies sophisticated facial recognition and geo-fencing technologies to accurately capture employee identity, work location and work hours.

Facial recognition

Employees can quickly Clock-in and Clock-out with only their face; by simply looking at their mobile devices or terminal to record their attendance. This feature helps to eliminate possible hygiene concerns which plague hand geometry terminals or fingerprint scanners after others have touched them.

geoTIME Attendance is also an intuitive system, detecting changes to the face of that particular employee e.g. if the employee grows facial hair or begins wearing glasses, facial recognition engine continues to learn and update its algorithm and database.


geoTIME Attendance is a great solution for employees working off-site and for those who travel frequently.


Organisations requiring employees to Clock-in at specific job sites can give employees access and decide which location and department employees can punch into. Geo-fencing technology that allows employers to limit where on-the-go workers can Clock-In and Clock-Out from. Allows HR to keep tabs on those employees to ensure they are working from where they should be.

Audit trail

geoTIME Attendance has built-in audit features for tracking changes.


geoTIME Attendance has been tested against facial image spoofing and GPS spoofing.

geoTIME Attendance offers a wide range of customisable, comprehensive reports to meet the needs of today’s demanding organisations. From accurate, real-time Clock-In and Clock-Out reports to location to absenteeism and overtime calculations for payroll, to trends and data for talent management analytics.

Yes. geoTIME Attendance can be integrated with numerous HR management systems and formats such as MS Excel and/or WebApi.

Yes. geoTIME Attendance allows for multiple/additional branch offices.

Yes. geoTIME Attendance allows for multiple settings according to the varied needs of organisations including departmental needs, worldwide branch offices and locations. However, users still need to update/inform their designated Person/s-In-Charge.

geoTIME Attendance Portal runs on multiple mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Firefox , Safari and Microsoft Edge.

geoTIME Attendance works on most front camera-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops.

geoTIME portal would only need a web browser to access it.

geoTIME Attendance makes use of existing equipment and requires no additional device.

The geoTIME Attendance application is hosted on IRIS Private cloud.

With regular/scheduled daily and weekly backups and data stored across multiple servers, your information is available for you whenever needed.

IRIS is ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified, which means we comply with the gold standard of internationally-recognised best practises for data protection. Your information is kept safe with the highest standards of security.

IRIS’ systems consist of multiple servers on a load-balancing architecture, which allows for up to 99% system up-time. This is a target we consistently exceed.

Inserted data cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Our support team is on hand to help designated Person/s-In-Charge (PIC) to set-up and personalise each account. Most of our customers are able to go live within 2 weeks.

Once your personalised geoTIME Attendance account is up and running, activation only takes a couple of minutes from login to successful Clock-In for each employee.

Our goal is to constantly innovate and improve together with our customers. As such, you will receive feature releases and upgrades at no additional cost.

When an employee is first enrolled in geoTIME Attendance, the software records a template of the employee’s facial geometry and associates that template with the employee’s ID number.

Each time the employee attempts to Clock-In or Clock-Out, the app verifies that the newly scanned facial image matches the template originally stored for that ID number. If there is a match, the Clock-In and Clock-Out is recorded.

Facial templates used for biometric verification are stored in secure encrypted formats (sets of numerical sequences) and cannot be used to re-create anyone’s image.

  • Application maintenance and upgrades
  • Hosting of services
  • Feature enhancements
  • Updates in statutory compliance (in accordance to MOM regulations)
  • Daily backups
  • Support via email

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