Cloud-based Attendance Solution Malaysia

Online Attendance Solution Malaysia

IRIS geoTIME is a cloud-based attendance management solution that operates across multiple platforms, provide the best online attendance solution.

WHAT IS geoTIME Attendance?

geoTIME Attendance is an easy-to-deploy, cloud-based attendance management solution that operates across multiple platforms including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices (Windows, iOS and Android).

Seamlessly automate employee attendance tracking and records with anti-spoofing facial recognition and geofencing controls. Empower employees with the independence to carry out their duties in various authorised locations while safeguarding productivity and costs.


Accurate anti-spoofing facial recognition to prevent errors and fraud

Geofencing, location tracking during clock in/out only. GPS logging for remote employee location and time stamping

Generate realtime accurate reports

Support multiple devices

Does not require additional hardware

Hygiene centric

Safe, secure & reliable solution (cloud-based available)

Integrate with facial recognition access control

HRMS Integration

Attendance Remark

Out of Office Remark

Superior’s Approval

Subordinate Attendance

Staff Clock In/Out

System Overview

Seamlessly automate attendance tracking with fool-proof facial recognition verification and geofencing controls.

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Stay up to date with IRIS news and information by subscribing to one or more of our services.

- Your face is your identification and password

- Capability for anti-spoofing and liveness detection

- FAR@ 10m, FNMR 0.09%

- FRR1%@, FAR 1/10000

FAR@ 10m, FNMR 0.09%FRR1%@, FAR 1/10000
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) at 10 million users will have a False Non-Match Rate (FNMR) of 0.09%
This means the system will incorrectly reject a claimed identity when the sample belongs to the subject
False Recognition Rate (FRR) 1%@; this measures the likelihood that the biometric security system will incorrectly reject an access attempt by a user, FAR 1/10000 (one out of ten thousand)

- Capability to define geographical boundaries and zones to restrict employee clock-ins/outs to specific areas

- Includes geolocation and time stamping

- Real-time data collection for real-time reporting and accurate analysis, and future planning

- geoTIME works and is accessible across multiple types of desktop and mobile devices

- Use your existing mobile devices for deploying the web-based/cloud-based geoTIME

- More hygienic compared to fingerprint scanners

- Get easy and fast access to your data safely, securely and reliably (cloud solution available)

- geoTIME is able to integrate with IRIS Facial Recognition Access Control to combine time attendance with access control using facial recognition

- geoTIME is able to integrate with existing HR Management Systems to support the entire HR service spectrum.