Secure Document Solution Malaysia

Secure Document Management System Malaysia

IRIS’s Secure Document Solution/Secure Document Management System allows immediate verification of certificate authenticity using high security technology.



Paper based certificates of achievements are important physical symbols of triumph and success much like medals and trophies – all of which are integral to and form part of everyone’s unique identity in society.

However, the production of counterfeit certificates have also become rampant and pose serious problems with severe repercussions. Not only the process for verifying the authenticity of any certificate is extremely tedious, but it is also time and resource consuming requiring manual searches by various parties and issuing bodies, each with different document handling systems.

As a formidable means of overcoming counterfeit certificates, our innovative Secure Document Solution is more than just a digital signature solution – a comprehensive ecosystem for instant authentication and verification of certificates, from enrolment to verification of the documents, converting traditional paper to electronic document to allow instant authentication and verification. Our solution allows immediate verification of certificate authenticity using high level security technology including Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), unique digital signature and facial recognition.

Our solution is user-friendly, saves time and simple to deploy. Not only does our secure document solution overcome the issue of counterfeit certificates, instant authentication and verification of certificates is made possible, from anywhere in the world and Storing digitized documents makes it easy to share and more importantly control access to information.

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