Instant Document Verification System.
Create, digitally secure, authenticate and verify your most important documents

Security and Peace of Mind

In the face of cut and paste forgery, threats of alteration, and high technology counterfeiting, there has never been a
more vital and urgent time to improve document security.
IRIS Secure Document solution is a digitally secured document authentication and verification management system,
designed for protecting paper-based original, official and breeder documents.

Crucial Benefits of IRIS Secure Document solution

• Highly secure certificates enhanced with fraud deterring security features.
• Easy integration with legacy systems: Short delivery times ensure fast implementation and rapid deployment.
• Certificates are highly customisable, easy to personalise but difficult to reproduce using sophisticated printers and photocopiers.

Key Features of IRIS Secure Document Solution

• Use of security inks: thermochromic ink, colour changing ink, ultraviolet (UV) ink.
• Choice of tamper-evident security synthetic papers: Teslin and various polyesters.
• Custom security features & special designs: Guilloche, microtext/nanotext, relief patterns, anticopy, watermarks, etc.

Digitised Securely

As a formidable means of overcoming counterfeit academic, professional, commercial, authenticity and achievement certificates, we offer the IRIS Secure

Document solution – a multi-channel document verification system that provides a platform for creating digitally signed physical certificates and then integrated onto a secure, web-based management application.

Instant authentication and verification of certificates are instantly available from anywhere in the connected world.

By combining multiple channels of certificate verification, IRIS Secure Document solution is capable of handling both offline and online verification processes, providing maximum flexibility and on-demand availability.

3 key technologies in IRIS Secure Document solution.

Encryption (QR Code)

Digital Signature

Web Service API

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