Founded in 1994, IRIS Corporation Berhad (ACE Market: IRIS) is an MSC-status technology innovator and leading provider of Trusted Identification products and solutions. Since pioneering the world’s first ePassport in 1998, IRIS has set itself apart as a dedicated end-to-end integrated solutions provider for eID, ePassport, Automated Border Control (ABC), multiple credential identity management ecosystems, and payment systems for financial and transportation industries where authenticity, improved security, speed, accuracy and effectiveness are of paramount importance.

As an established player in Trusted Identification, IRIS has significant international presence in over 34 countries where we provide unrivalled service. Every day, our capable, experienced, agile and adaptive team delivers viable, secure and comprehensive solutions to suit the needs of our customers around the world while being grounded by our core values of collaboration, integrity, innovation, trust and accountability.

We pride ourselves in integrating disparate technologies to bring to life full suites of solutions that will enrich lives and change the world for the better.

This is what IRIS is about. Changing the way we do things for a sustainable and brighter tomorrow.

This is a bright and bold new chapter for IRIS and to mark this leap forward, our logo has been refreshed to signify our legacy of unwavering optimism, confidence and commitment towards cutting-edge innovations in trusted identification. The addition of two arrows reflects our renewed emphasis on speed and dynamism which are vital for prospering our business partners as we all move forward and rise together.


Stay up to date with IRIS news and information by subscribing to one or more of our services.


Stay up to date with IRIS news and information by subscribing to one or more of our services.