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At IRIS, we take pride in providing ID Solution in Malaysia that are secure, durable, innovative and tamper-evident.



At IRIS, we take pride in providing digital identification solutions that are secure, durable, innovative, and tamper-evident.

We offer a winning edge in the perpetual race between security and fraud through wide-ranging and complete trusted identity ecosystems covering the production of ISO/IEC compliant documents and credentials, personalisation, enrolment, issuance, lifecycle management, eID card software, smart card readers, and handheld solutions, biometrics, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and control systems.

Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance means consistently performing durability tests on our ID cards, conforming to ISO/IEC 10373 and ISO/IEC 24789 standards, to ensure high reliability and availability of compliant cards.

We also provide a Digital ID solution, an important enabler for access to public and personal services, and a channel for fostering financial freedom as well as social and economic inclusion.

National eID

  • We support and supply governments around the world with secure solutions for electronic national ID cards to increase citizen protection through better controlled and more effective identity checking.
  • These versatile cards allow for identification and verification purposes, and can also be deployed as access cards to corporate infrastructure or secure locations, as well as social security cards and, in some countries, as drivers’ licenses, healthcare cards, transit cards, payment cards or even bank cards

Multi-application eID

  • Our multi-application eID cards incorporate identity, electronic signature, driving license, passport details and also grants access to government, banking, credit, health, transport and other services.
  • These eID cards radically improve the ease with which card holders are able to conduct transactions with the various government agencies and private companies.

Voter eID

  • In most countries, Voter eID is required as a form of identification during an election. IRIS provides Voter eID cards, which act as secure carriers for voter information to minimise record duplication.
  • With electronic Voter eID cards, an eligible voter’s identity can be easily and quickly verified and authenticated.
  • All data is stored in the chip within the smart card and protected by advanced encryption algorithms.

Healthcare eID

  • IRIS’ smart health card solution offers smart card-based system using latest chip and card technology that can be integrated into existing hospital information systems to enhance operational and administrative efficiencies, and to better manage care giving and service delivery.

Subsidy eID

  • With subsidy eID cards, governments can deliver the right aid to the right people at the right time, effectively. Through judicious use of business modelling, data security management, biometrics, smart card technology and cryptography, subsidy eIDs enable governments to deliver assistance in a timely and secure manner.
  • Our highly flexible and customisable solution can be integrated with existing national eIDs, with mobile devices and customised Kiosks.

Driver’s License eID

  • License cards from IRIS incorporate powerful microprocessors that securely store driver data and protect against identity theft.
  • The cards contain key information in both visible and readable forms, enabling driver data to be scanned rapidly during traffic checks, administrative processes or when hiring a car.
  • Checks on driver history can also be performed to help with traffic and road safety enforcement.
  • We offer automated, user-centric enrolment and issuance systems for driver and motor vehicle licensing covering ISO-compliant smart cards complete with vehicle registration and road tax.

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