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IRIS’ comprehensive and intelligent ePassport solution in Malaysia has served more than 15 countries with comprehensive and easy-to-deploy system.



The electronic passport or ePassport, a globally accepted travel and identity document used by hundreds of million people traversing our world daily, has brought with it unprecedented levels of security and convenience in the face of mounting and evolving threats of global terrorism, illegal migration, fraud, and cyber crime.

IRIS’ comprehensive and intelligent ePassport solution has served more than 15 countries. Our solution is a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy and adaptable secure document management system that integrates security, inventory, workflow and lifecycle requirements that enables enrolment, production and issuance of ICAO-compliant ePassports.

We are also able to provide the latest generation ePassport that supports Logical Data Structure (LDS) 2.0, which will enable storage of both personal biometric data and travel records like visas and travel stamps on the chip.


We manufacture high quality, reliable, ICAO 9303 compliant with excellent electrical performance as inserts for our long service life ePassport books. Both the antenna and contactless chip are embedded within layers of durable, synthethic paper and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to produce ultra smooth, thin and flexible eInlays.


Our ICAO 9303 compliant eCovers feature superior, smooth and flat finishing for our ePassport books which are renowned for their durability and dependable service life. IRIS eCovers demonstrate high bond strength and adhesion with proven resistance to delamination. The antenna and contactless chip are securely embedded and bonded with high strength adhesives between layers of laminate materials.


Our laser-ready polycarbonate (PC) passport data pages are available with and also without embedded chip and antenna. Besides being artistically designed and customised to present and reflect a country’s cultural symbols and national values, the data page also features an array of innovative security features to prevent counterfeiting and tampering.

Passport Booklet

We believe in providing a secure, durable and innovative ePassport solution. IRIS ePassport books are designed and manufactured to be globally interoperable – booklets come with a choice of eInlay, eCover or ePage. We are in regular communication with ICAO who is set to introduce next generation Logical Data Structure (LDS 2.0) protocols for the reading and writing of electronic travel stamps, electronic visas and additional biometric data (post issuance updates) into ePassport chips.


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