We’re looking for PROTÉGÉ

Graduates, apply to join the IRIS PROTÉGÉ Programme!

IRIS Protege Programme

Receive a monthly allowance as you gain on-the-job exposure and learn soft skills to enhance your employability.
Spend the next 8 months growing and equipping yourself at IRIS; contribute your ideas to one of our megaprojects and discover your potential!

Job positions:
  • IT Executive
  • System Engineer
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Management Executive
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Governance Engineer
    Bachelor Degree in IT, Computer Science (Systems, Networking, Security and Databases)
    8 months
    SOCSO and EIS, Annual Leave, Medical leave
    (Travel within Malaysia may be required)

Please email your application to protege@iris.com.my before 31st November 2021