Press Release – 1 January, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 January 2015:
IRIS Corporation, inventor of the world’s first ePassport and smart card national ID, has been assessed and approved by American Express® to emboss and personalize the AMEX branded credit or charge cards. IRIS owned highly secure facility of its kind in the Malaysia that has received such certification.

With the newly accreditation by American Express along with the current certification by international credit card institutions Visa and MasterCard, IRIS is now able to offer wider choices of EMV products within its secure high-quality EMV card manufacturing and personalization facilities.

“We are excited about this opportunity to provide American Express products for our customers,” said Dato’ Hamdan bin Mohd Hassan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for IRIS Trusted Identification division. “We are committed to offering our customers a competitive range of payment cards and AMEX credit and charge cards are part of the important step on this opportunity whilst ensuring the highest possible security standards in terms of physical, organisational and logical security”.

American Express, also known as Amex, currently has over 109.9 million cards running on its proprietary network, these include consumer, small business and corporate cards issued by American Express themselves and cards issued by its Global Service Network partners that run on its network (Such as Westpac and NAB in Australia and Lloyds Bank and Barclays Bank in the UK). American Express is also the largest card issuer in the world based on purchase volume and it is the 4th largest card issuer in the world, based on the number of cards it has personally in circulation.

As the foremost payment card solutions provider, IRIS has helped banking, payment and credit card organizations in Malaysia to migrate their magnetic-striped credit cards to EMV, our customers have significantly reduced skimming and counterfeit credit and debit fraud, boosting the confidence of customers, tourists and merchants in the use of payment cards in the country. Today, most financial institutions use our payment card solutions to issue millions of EMV certified credit, debit, charge, prepaid and ATM cards.

About IRIS Corporation Berhad

IRIS Corporation ( is a technology integrator and innovator with sustainable, comprehensive solutions for trusted identity, secure payments, transportation, waste management, renewable energy, building solutions, food security, agriculture, sustainable development and education.

Today, we have 2 decades of experience in developing ePassports and multi-application eID cards. IRIS stands for a core proprietary Image Retrieval & Identification System, which encompasses five disparate technologies – silicon technology, operating system customized applications, multi-modal biometrics and smart devices, all uniquely integrated within one solution. IRIS designed the world’s first ePassport, for the Malaysian Government, and has been offering a comprehensive range of trusted identity solutions since 1994, from the manufacture of smart cards and travel documents to the devices required to authenticate them.

IRIS has a significant international presence in 29 countries across the globe where we deliver unrivalled service exceeding our customers’ expectations. For over 20 years, IRIS has demonstrated unwavering dedication and focus to delivering technology-driven solutions that will enrich lives and change the world for the better. IRIS Corporation is a MSC-status company and listed on Bursa Malaysia (ACE market).