Press Release – 3 February, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 February 2015:
IRIS Corporation, inventor of the world’s first ePassport and smartcard national ID, has joined forces with a non-governmental organization to provide assistance to east-coast flood victims.

The “Cash Card to the Rescue” campaign was initiated by the Tzu Chi Foundation in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, an organization that transcends borders, races, religions and nationalities, to provide emergency financial relief to flood victims in Pahang via public donations. The aid was delivered in the form of cash cards, manufactured by IRIS, which allowed Tzu Chi Foundation to operate in various disaster zones without worrying about the security and logistics of carrying cash.

In addition to the cash cards, IRIS also supplied mobile card readers (IPT300) to enable the identification and issuance of funds to eligible recipients in a safe and efficient manner. IRIS produced 5,000 cash cards for the campaign, which allow recipients to withdraw the donated cash directly at participating bank counters.

“IRIS is once again proud to respond to the critical situation in Malaysia with the best tools we have available – our fast and secure payment card solutions,” said Heng Wa Seng, Head of Department for Devices, Banking and Domestic Sales. “More and more organizations around the world have embraced cash cards as a faster, more secure and, ultimately, more inclusive way to facilitate cash aid disbursements to the disaster victims, and IRIS is committed to supporting those efforts.”

In December 2014, communities along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia were devastated by one of the worst floods in decades. Over 100,000 people were affected – many were left homeless. Pahang state was one of the worst hit by the floods.

IRIS, keeping to its tagline “Bringing Solutions to Life”, has pledged that it will work with more government agencies, non-governmental organizations and corporate bodies around the world to move from paper-based distribution to electronic means – like cash cards – for everything from child support, to unemployment benefits and worker’s compensation, to emergency assistance and disaster relief to alleviate grief and distress experienced by the victims.

About IRIS Corporation Berhad

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Today, we have 2 decades of experience in developing ePassports and multi-application eID cards. IRIS stands for a core proprietary Image Retrieval & Identification System, which encompasses five disparate technologies – silicon technology, operating system customized applications, multi-modal biometrics and smart devices, all uniquely integrated within one solution. IRIS designed the world’s first ePassport, for the Malaysian Government, and has been offering a comprehensive range of trusted identity solutions since 1994, from the manufacture of smart cards and travel documents to the devices required to authenticate them.

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