Solomon Islands Taps IRIS for ePassports

Press Release – 2 December 2015

Solomon Islands Taps IRIS for ePassports

In this new ePassport program, the Solomon Islanders will see the conversion of the manual passport book into an ePassport that is expected to ease travelling burdens and reduce waiting time and efficiency in flight bookings, check-ins and arrival check-in procedures by the use of fingerprint biometric technology. The new document will also facilitate access to countries that have deployed ePassport verification infrastructures.

Apart from supplying IRIS’ fraud resistant polycarbonate (PC) data page that incorporates advanced visual security features, IRIS will also provide its IdenCraft solution that manages enrolment, personalisation, and issuance of the new ePassport. Personalisation of the PC datapage is done by IRIS’ laser marker which produces a datapage that is impossible to forge, delaminate or be otherwise unlawfully manipulated.

IRIS Corporation’s presence strengthened in Solomon Islands

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was elated to have the project kick off, which will see Solomon Islands as one of the first Pacific Island countries to embrace the ePassport technology like Australia and New Zealand.

“This new Agreement further strengthens the company’s presence in Solomon Islands,” said Datuk Tan Say Jim, IRIS Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO). ”We look forward to working with the Government of Solomon Islands to provide Solomon Islanders with the latest ICAO compliant ePassports for unprecedented levels of security and privacy.”